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سلك لحام قصدير

صناعه ياباني 

الكود RH40/800207 


الوزن 250g

Tin soldering wire


code RH40/800207

Dia 1.0 

NET 250g

Introducing our high-quality Japanese-made soldering wire for all your welding needs. This 250-gram spool of 1.0mm thick tin solder wire is perfect for a wide range of soldering projects. Whether you’re working on electronics, plumbing, or metalwork, this soldering wire is designed to provide strong and reliable connections. The fine-tuned manufacturing process ensures a consistent and even flow of solder, allowing for precise and clean solder joints. Trust in the durability and performance of this Japanese-made soldering wire, and achieve professional results with every use.

سلك لحام قصدير 250 جرام صناعه يابانى السمك1.0م

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