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EasyCap, the famous link for capturing video from the receiver, video, playstation, and other EasyCAP USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter It has an AV out and a USB cap in the form of a USB cable that is connected to a computer or laptop to capture the upcoming video and audio signal through a dedicated program supplied with the widget. Through this link, you can capture high-quality video images and audio files directly from the USB2.0 interface without a special video card. It's a practical, mobile solution, with the widget finding Ulead Video DVD Studio 8.0 software. Record whatever TV, Receiver, Playstation or old video tape or AV video camera directly to your computer and enjoy editing, watching or uploading to the net. Summary of possible applications: - Capture video from TV, Receiver, or Playstation to pull it to the computer and edit or store it. - Capture video from the camera for the purpose of monitoring, storing or editing, that is, it also represents DVR. - Conducting electronic meetings or conferences via the Internet

وصلة يو أس بي تعمل على إلتقاط الفيديو من الكاميرات والرسيفر لنقله على الحاسب

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